A stitch in time…

Last week we had an embroidery workshop that looked at everything from simple stitches and building an image to the finished product. Recently hand embroidery as stepped back into the limelight and has been given a contemporary makeover! It does not have to be the paint by numbers of the textile world. It’s a brilliant way to relax and you can produce striking images full of texture.


This week we are researching procrastination and how to beat it, so all our posts will be based around this theme. A stitch in time saves nine, but how do we get past picking up the needle, find and keep motivation sustained? We hope to find out the best ways to beat procrastination and share them with you! If you have any techniques please comment below or get in touch.

I’m so excited for our collaboration this week with ACCIDWOSH, bring down an item you would like to customise and we will help you transform it into tie dyed excellence!

Check out ACCIDWOSH’s creations here: http://accidwosh.bigcartel.com/

329242_342600522498423_107802386_o 337511_349247751833700_1195221287_o

The workshop is free! You just need to bring an item to customise, cotton tends to be the best fabric for this. Bring something white/light for the colour dye and something dark for the bleach tie dye if you would like to do both. Oh and wear something you don’t mind getting messy! https://www.facebook.com/events/1426147004348036/





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