Feeling Isolated


Sometimes we can be isolated by other people but when you are living with a mental health disorder this may feel like something that comes with the territory. I became quite good at doing this to myself! Once you’ve convinced yourself people don’t want to be around you it can be hard to reach back out and connect.

I was an only child and growing up I spent a lot of time alone. I was very comfortable in my own company. When I went to secondary school that all changed, I was used to being singled out little punk kid in a rural village but then was the first time I felt really isolated.

I feel like the negative feelings from that stayed with me and if similar things, events or instances,occurred they triggered the feelings isolation. A lot of the time that wouldn’t be what was happening, say a friend would forget plans, not because they didn’t like me but because life got in the way. It snapped me back to memories of purposefully being left out and I allowed myself to be pulled back into that state of mind and feel needlessly hurt. Sometimes even acting negatively towards that person. It took a long time to catch this thought process and stop it. To combat it I also just started looking at it more positively, like maybe they just forgot and just sending them a text or email, if they were a scatty person (like me) I’d try to remember to remind them before and this stopped a whole spiral of events.

Isolation can be really devastating, I set up Free Hand evenings to try and aid the prevention of this feeling allowing people a space place to go, where there are friendly faces and you can create something together. I’d love to know if you have any tricks or tips for beating isolation. Also if you don’t feel like leaving the house but just need someone to talk to check out 7 cups of Tea, they have people available to chat 24/7.


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