Letting Things Go & Starting a Ritual

I’m a complete sucker for a ritual, I think it really helps to put a full stop in things. Though I know you can’t just wipe your mind, but it gives you a good start point!

IMG_7795I spent a lot of time thinking about the things I needed to let go and the bad habits I’ve picked up. I don’t mind sharing my things that I wrote, I went and did the ritual with a friend it was such a lovely thing to share!

– The lonely place I go when people cancel on me – so this one is a bit difficult because to cope with my anxiety I started to plan rigidly my day, every moment planned so I always had a distraction plan. This backfired slightly because I lost my flexibility, completely. When a person cancelled plans it would send me into the really lonely place, it was a combination of feeling rejected and worrying about how I would keep anxiety at bay. It doesn’t happen as often and isn’t as extreme but it is definitely something I’m ready to say goodbye to.

– Letting go of the parts of me I gave to other people- This isn’t as bad as it sounds, just sometimes it’s hard to let go of people I’ve completely fallen for, in a non-romantic sense. If they’ve been important at certain points it can be hard to get over those attachments, because you can’t maintain EVERY relationship and some people are lessons or just completely perfect timing. I need to learn to stop holding on to things that I just don’t have to.

There are some of the rest:

– Stop body shaming ourselves and others!

– Let go of your inner ‘Marilyn’

– Tying to much of our well being in with other people’s opinions of ourselves

We wrote about 20 🙂 Let me know any of yours in the comments!


We then took a walk around a lovely park with our notes and flowers, we wrote some more at a bridge and then tied them to flowers. Then one by one we said out loud what we were saying god bye to and dropped them in the water and watched them slip away.IMG_7797 IMG_7798 IMG_7799 IMG_7800

Some washed away straight down the river others got stuck and took a little longer, it made me smile as it probably a good metaphor, some habits are harder to wash away but you can’t punish yourself just keep flowing like the water and eventually they will wash away.

We both felt lighter and happier after letting go, making a full stop… well we will probably need to repeat this, keep taking stock, keep making full stops and exclamations!

Do you have any cleansing rituals or things you’d love to wash away? Please share them with me!


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