What a Girl Gang Means to Me


Incase you didn’t know Sheffield has it’s very own Girl Gang, they’ve put on a couple of events around Sheffield already and we’ve been lucky enough to take part in them! They promote creativity, confidence and positivity, these are more than just fun events they aim to build a supportive community for the women of Sheffield. They are all about inclusion!! Read their manifesto here. They are putting on a event at Tramlines this Saturday @ The Great Gatsby come along for and see for yourselves.

I guess this is going to be quite a personal post and I’m really interested in people’s opinions about Girl Gangs.


Growing up a never really had friends that were girls, I was an only child and I spent a lot of my childhood alone, which sounds sad but I was really perfectly happy. When I went to junior school I tried to make friends, but I was quite different and it resulted in being picked on (who wasn’t?). Girls were particularly mean and sometimes I’d pretend I didn’t know they were being horrible about me just so I wasn’t alone. Then I met a few of girls who were like family, I love them with all my heart. They were my first girl gang I suppose, we were inseparable. I felt completely comfortable with them and lived though my rebel teens with them at my side. Around the same time I met an amazing group of guys who quickly found their way into my heart and they still are some of the most important people in my life.

It was only at university that I seemed to find a whole bunch of girls who wanted to support each other and were so full of positivity. I had some preconceptions about the girls on my course, because of previous experience and I studied fashion; our repetition is notorious as mean girls!

Now I’m back in Sheffield and I have been met with a wave of talented, creative, inspiring women, who want to build people up and create a community for anyone who want to be part of it!

So to sum it up, to me a girl gang means a safe home.


Charly x


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