We Can Be Heroes and other Goodness

On Saturday Edge of the Universe Printing Press had a day full of workshops alongside their exhibition ‘We Can Be Heroes’.  We Can Be Heroes is an exhibition of young people’s work based around the idea of what a hero is.  Below are a few examples of the work created. The works were varied in subject and produced stunning and thought provoking zines and pieces. It was a interesting snapshot into the minds of young people, what’s important to them and how they view the world.

The workshops all involved paper craft and Designing Out Suicide asked me to come along and help run a papel picado workshop, it’s safe to say I got the bug since have made loads of bunting! It’s really easy to pick up and demonstrate, their is a little photo step by step below but I’ll make a proper post about it!

So many photographs! It was really therapeutic creating the intricate patterns, I’ve never been that delicate of a person but I actually was surprised at how easily patterns could be created without ripping massive holes in everything!

Handmade Cinema ran a paper bunting workshop where people could use beautiful papers to devise decorations for their home.

I love that all of the activities were things people could replicate at home and they were pretty much instantaneous. Lots of cute paper bunting, covered in glitter was heart warming. The best thing for me about the day was simply getting to sit down with people and share our thoughts and creativity.

Jon ran a screen printing workshop that allowed people to make posters and signs by creating stencils and printing them straight on paper. It’s something you don’t often get to do and most people don’t have the equipment so it was great doing something different and seeing people learn a new skill.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sarah, Roy, Lisa, Jon, Ellie, Ellen, Nova, Nhessa and anyone else involved or that came along and made the day full of love, positivity and creativity ❤

Coming up we are going to be at the very first Girl Gang Meetup!

Starting the second Wednesday in Sept Free Hand weekly workshops are back! We are kicking back off with a six week set of zine making workshops!


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