I’ve been in hospital (don’t worry I’m fine) and changing jobs, as well as curating the exhibition for Girl Gang Sheffield‘s The Craft event.

I’m not entirely sure what is going to happen in Free Hand’s future because of my new job but hopefully when it settles down I’ll be able to be more flexible and offer you more!

I’ve been putting off writing this post, I’ve also been trying to write a post about shame, mostly around self harm and suicide but I’m just stuck. I’m not sure why I’m struggling to get it right but I’m hoping in time the right words will come.

Last week we made dream catchers, it was a workshop offered at The Craft event, as I was in the exhibition area I didn’t get a go they looked amazing!


It’s a relaxing thing to do, lots of wrapping and twisting, it’s also really easy to do at home. I hadn’t realised that I had felt quite stressed that day. Doing this didn’t require 100% concentration but it still felt like a form of escaping my brain and the stresses of that day. On my way home I had a little cry. I felt a wave of relief and it was happy tears but just completely unexpected. I would advise it get some scraps of fabric, wool and beads and make anything you can get your mitts on into a dreamcatcher!

I’m going to try and push through the block and write the blog on shame because I think it’s a powerful and important thing.


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