Never Too Late for a Bit of Reflection.


Free hand had its first birthday a few weeks ago and I can’t believe how far Free Hand and myself have come.

It started as an open arts space idea and it currently to planning sessions, learning and showing people new skills. It’s lo-fi and relaxed but it works! I have participated in events and workshops with some frankly wonderful people. In the summer of last year I did a workshop at a Girl Gang Sheffield event, since then I’ve been lucky enough to become more involved and have created workshops and exhibitions for their immersive cinema screenings. I have CADS to thank for so much, thank you for giving me a chance. They have given me the space to create and grow Free Hand and have always been there to help me along the way. Without them I would have struggled to start! Thank you to everyone who has been involved and attended sessions, you have meant the world.

On a personal level I’ve grown so much the last year. I’ve become more confident and comfortable in my own skin. Negative things have become easier to shake off and I’ve become better at dealing with things in the most positiveĀ  way. I owe this to the people I have found myself surrounded by. I have found motivated, positive, complicated, loving and very often tired people who hold me accountable, that disagree with me, that pick me up and make me feel alive. I feel truly blessed. Through Free Hand I have made some new friendships and we have travelled this year together making bunting and littered the way with origami animals.

Moving forward, I’m trying to keep things interesting and explore more varying mediums. The next set of sessions start the week beginning 22nd Feb. These are all themed around making your own materials from house hold things. So you can come along test out and make your own art materials, then take them away to use at home!

The times and days of workshops are also changing, this is to fit better with people’s needs and hopefully we will be able to reach a few more people by doing this.

One last thing, I would like to introduce you to Tori.
She is an amazing human who came into my life late November last year, and in a short time has become a close friend. She is (luckily for me) very social media savvy and actually remembers to photograph things! She has recently joined me at Free Hand to run the social media and keep me on track! So everyone wave hello!



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