Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

I know people think and feel differently about today, but to me it is what you make it. Today is about celebrating all kinds of love and happiness. This includes self care, self care has been a phrase I’ve seen so much recently. I have written about the guilt I have felt and after while I realised that me giving into pressure and saying yes to things without thinking it through was crippling me, I know, I know, SHOCK! Really though the guilt of saying no, or letting people down outweighed how I felt so heavily. My ‘self care’ advice, If you find yourself unhappy and weighed down with things you don’t enjoy, write everything you do down. Take a look at what you can completely stop if it’s not making you happy and anything you have to do but don’t enjoy minimise it. This advice is paraphrased from this video:

Next, if you are put on the spot learn to say no, and if you are put on the spot, say you need to check your diary, it will buy you the time to really think about if you want to do it or not!

I just wanted to say even if you feel alone, sad and isolated, there is love out there waiting for you! I hope Free Hand provides love and support for even more people this year.


Here are some great articles about what REAL self care is:

Is Self-Care Selfish? How to take care of yourself and not feel guilty!


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