For anyone that doesn’t know, I’m also part of Girl Gang Sheffield. This month our sisters at Girl Gang Manchester launched #SeeMySelfie. The project focussed on starting a conversation not only around the idea of the selfie, but how we see ourselves and the self we portray to others.

I guess you are thinking, what on Earth does this have to do with mental health? Actually I think image and perceived self affect our mental state greatly. I took part in a mini trial in April and it threw up some interesting things. I don’t really take selfies, I do this weird thing where I think, oh, I don’t really look like that anymore, I should take one. I kind of feel obliged, it doesn’t come naturally. I’m not a documentor. I’ve been trying to remember to take more pictures or film little bits of things so I remember, so I can look back, but taking photos or documenting in any way is not a natural call to me. I received and email each day with my prompt/inspiration and would take the picture and send it to the other girls with some commentary attached. The photos I found hardest to take were ‘best angle’ and ‘full body’, I don’t feel ashamed of my body but I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing with it. When it’s static anyway, posing and the mirror are awkward things for me. Don’t that I can’t bear to look at myself but it feel too vain too indulgent, I say to myself ‘urgh, self important no one else cares what you look like.’ I put on my make up and outfit I love and I don’t look at myself I just go out. I look fine, I know any picking a part is all part of my mood. If I feel sad, I feel I look bad, that used to stop me going out! It doesn’t now. I found the ‘worst angle’ and ‘silly face’ ones easier… I guess self deprecation comes far too easily, but I wasn’t worried about sharing them. I thought yea, sometimes I do look like that, sometimes people will see me from that angle but so what? Did it matter?

I thoroughly enjoy the trial and I’m doing the full project along with over 200 other people!  If you want to join in or want to add to the conversation please do, comment below or contact Girl Gang Manchester and sign up to the mailing list.


2 thoughts on “#SeeMySelfie

    • charlyfreehand says:

      Thank you so much I cried writing it! I’m always needing reminders it’s easy to forgot especially when you aren’t feeling great. Small constant effort, it’s not easy. Thank you for commenting. It really means a lot.


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