Support & Distraction

With the help of my friends, we’ve put together a support and distraction list. Here are some services, websites, apps, poems, playlists and programmes that have got us through hard times, distracted ourselves from intrusive thoughts or helped us support & understand people better. Sometimes support can be difficult to find, we hope this helps, please let us know of anything we’ve missed!


Mindfulness – A Practical Guide to Finding Peace In A Frantic World

A look at mindfulness and how to use it within your life, help with being present and breaking routine.

The Feeling Good Handbook

This book helped me while I waited to find a counsellor, it teaches cognitive behavioural therapy through examples and exercises. It helped me to recognise my negative thought patterns and start to talk back to them.


Designing out Suicide – A collaborative zine fighting stigma and giving women a place to express themselves freely.


Collage & Doodle


7 Cups of Tea – Online support, chat anonymously, work through exercises focused around your chosen topic or find distraction. I’m a listener on this site so if you’d like to talk to me anonymously click HERE.

You app – Small steps to a healthier happier you! ‘Stick with us for one minute per day, and we’ll help you live a healthier, happier life.’

Calm app – Mindfulness meditation app

Mood Tools – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy based aid, diary that records distortion of thoughts, helpful exercises and a test to see how severely your depression is affecting you. You can also create a safety plan, list distractions and right reasons to life to refer to in crisis.


Help & Information

Bipolar UK – Sheffield Group. This support group is for people with bipolar disorder and their carers.

CALM – Support for men living with suicidal thoughts and ideations. Their aim is to prevent male suicide in the UK. Call line open 5pm – 12am, Nationwide: 0800 58 58 58 London 0808 802 58 58. You get also use webchat, same hours or check out CALMzine.

Depression Alliance, find self help groups in your area. Information on depression, treatment and resources.

Harmless. Help, information and support with self harm.

Samaritans. contact them if you are in crisis, if you need someone to talk to they are there 24/7 365 days a year.

Distraction and fun.

The Quiet Room is a place to escape and relax for a minute or too. If you are having a stressful day or feeling panic setting in go to the Quiet Room and let go.

Pixel Thoughts, a 60-second meditation tool to help you clear your mind. Put a stressful thought in the star and watch it fade away.

Crunchyroll, a free streaming site to watch anime.

Free online jigsaws, click on an image no need to join and solve a puzzle!

Weird drawing toy, Shout, talk scream and watch it draw.

Be Picasso. Click and drag to make your own Picasso portrait.

Cartoon Hangover, free excellently adult and weird animations!

Blog Posts

The Mighty Blogs list of mental health blogs.


Mental Health Podcasts, free downloads to aid sleep and wellbeing.

Non-online suggestions

Turn your music on and up and dance.


Make a brew!



Watch Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

Google tiny animals.

Do Yoga.


Find someone to be with, talk to, sit with or get silly with.


I’m currently writing a safety plan to help me stop the spiral before it circles too many times, I will share it once I’ve finished.

See anything you think that should be here? Comment below!


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