Spirit of the Rainbow Heron

Spirit of the Rainbow Heron – The Late Night Mental Health Cafe

The team at Rainbow Heron have working away to create and fine tune, this wonderful idea in loving memory of Dora Daniel. Inspired by Dora’s community spirit an her love for all things creative Rainbow Heron was born.

This week Patricia took to the Sheffield Soup podium and brought the house down! Rainbow Heron is going to be a weekly late night cafe, that will run until 2am. A place where people can go if they are having a hard time, unable to sleep, need a place to relax or are in need of some company. Everyone that is part of the team is kind and passionate about providing something that could prevent people from feeling isolated and slipping further into depression.

In the heart of our city centre a haven for if you are struggling with your mental health, come get creative, play games, read or just sit and have a nice cup of tea. Like Free Hand, Rainbow Heron are not a replacement for therapy but a support around it. Young people (self defined) can go to the cafe at night and know they have understanding and supportive people around them.

The project is due to launch early next year and I just can’t wait. So many of us are affected by mental health problems and to have a hub late at night in our city is going to be amazing! If you want to know more please check out their website here, lots more information about events coming up and what’s going on.

The Rainbow Heron Small Grants Fund also commissioned Rad Miller, Director of Pocket Projects, based in Leeds, to make our original art film, based on a French poem,  which will premiere on 15th October 2016, as part of Sheffield’s Off the Shelf 2016 Festival of Words

Hope to see you there!



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