F%*k Depression / Make Stuff – a Free Hand Exhibition

Free Hand poster + logos

Join Free Hand for ‘F%*k Depression / Make Stuff’, an exhibition we’re hosting at BLOC Projects, in Sheffield, from 5th – 8th July, launching on the 5th with an open event from 6pm-8pm so you can get a first peek at what we’ve been creating for the past year!

The exhibition will follow our explorations into what can happen when expectation and reality meet. Take, for example, a time when your anxiety convinces you to expect going somewhere will be a horrible and scary thing to do, when instead the reality is that, once there, you have a wonderful time. Or when you expect something, such as help or support, to make a huge difference, but the reality is that you’re disappointed with the result. Our explorations take a deeper look into what such means for our mental health, and how our perceptions play a role in affecting our narrative.

Pieces displayed will show the outcome of our delving into perceptions of self, comforting space, the familiar, and the strange. There will also be pieces for the audience to contribute to, allowing us to advocate our belief in the importance of community art – in aid of expression, and communication – and to show everyone just how important being a part of, and contributing to, something is for one’s mental health.

In addition, we’ll be holding sessions each day of the exhibition, from 2-4pm, for those interested in joining us to create their own piece or to collaborate with us to add further displays of expression to the exhibit.

If you wish to enter a piece of work into the exhibition before its launch, you can fill in this form. Space is limited, but we’re keen to display individual’s concepts as well as our own, in your medium of choice.

If you have any questions, you can email charlyfreehand[at]gmail[dot]com

We’re looking forward to having you join us in July!



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