Free Hand Creative Sessions are a space to be creative, for people living with depression and anxiety. We aim to provide peer support through creative activity.

Free Hand holds regular creative sessions at CADS & has pop ups at different events around Sheffield. Each week we set a different task, technique or theme to the session, all materials are supplied, attendees will be given guidance but the structure is very informal and casual. Attendees are free to work on personal projects in the space as well, sometimes it can be a bit like the gym, it can be easier to work when you have a dedicated time and space. Plus, if you let us know before hand we may have some materials to help!

Sessions are designed so anyone of any skill level can take part, so don’t worry about how ‘arty’ you are come and experiment with us! Whether you are stressed out, run down, depressed, anxious or live with any related mental health disorder we hope our positive and supportive atmosphere will encourage personal and artistic growth.

Meet the Team


The creator of Free Hand. Owner of a long and varied list of art related qualifications, including a OCN– In Additional Visual Studies Level 1 & 2, whatever that is! Charly started Free Hand after doing her masters and the creative process helping her to feel positive, build her confidence, express herself and made her anxiety feel manageable. She then realised that it was that what she wanted to provide for other people.


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Through our blog, Facebook and Twitter presence, we hope to provide news and resources that reflect our ethos of escapism through arts, crafts (and whatever else takes our fancy!) for our followers to enjoy and reflect on.

Free Hand Creative Evenings are free to attend and we are always welcoming new members and collaborators! If you’re looking to find a safe space from depression and/or anxiety or are interested in how you can help us, don’t hesitate to contact us and get involved!

Hope to hear from you!

Free Hand


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